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MERYC ENGLAND Reg. Charity no. 1169504

MERYC-ENGLAND  registered charity no.1169504  

Centre for Research in Early Childhood,

St Thomas Children’s Centre, Bell Barn Road, Attwood Green, Birmingham, B15 2AF.  +44(0)121 464 0020

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The CREC Certificate of Music Education: Early Childhood is now accredited.

CME:EC An excellent programme which will have a significant and distinctive impact on Early Years music education and practice.

Course director:  Dr Susan Young, a leading name in early years’ music education.

Course Team: Nationwide, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in Early Childhood Music.

Location: Distance learning with four days at CREC, Birmingham.

Accredited by Trinity College London.

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Thank you! Professor Pamela Burnard and the Homerton College Faculty of Education University of Cambridge Team for a very successful MERYC Eu Conference. Full proceedings are available on the MERYC.eu website. Please click here

Active engagement with children’s worlds and their music making, as practitioner-researchers, has the potential to promote a more profound understanding of children’s creative endeavours and for uniquely viewing (and co–creating) “spaces” and “creativites” in dialogic communicative practice. Burnard

As Moss (2014) explains, a neoliberal outlook “depoliticizes” everyone and acts as if there were no alternative. Its approaches and principles are so taken for granted that they become invisible and we do not ask the democratic, deeper, difficult questions about aims, directions or purposes.  Young

Children learn to work with children of all different ages and with different interests, taking each other’s wishes into account. Everybody’s input is valuable, irrespective of the child’s or carer’s age, background or (musical) experience.  Ursem

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